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We provide Designs and Plans for any project you have in mind. Including:

Custom Homes, Major Remodels, Additions, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Family Rooms, Master Suites, Home Office, Outdoor Living Space, Home Theaters, Pools & Spas,  Garages,  Storage Areas  & more.

It all begins with  DESIGN.

3D Perspective Drawing Arched Entry Kitchen Design Visualization Concept  Architectural Plans Design


Design begins with Your Concept & Together we build on that to create a Design Model that Satisfies Your Vision of the Project and also works with Your Budget and Your Time Frame. 

Our Goal is to Meet or Beat your Budget and Time Frame Expectations! 

3D Perspective Drawings are also available to Enhance Visualization.

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Next we Produce a  PLAN SET



Plan Sets are made up of numerous Types of Plan Sheets. Including: 

Project-Data   Site   Architectural   Structural   Electrical   Plumbing 

Elevations   Sections   Details   Fire-Sprinklers   Energy Compliance

The number of Sheets in a Set varies from one project to another. 

Once the Plan Sheets are complete and Stamped by the Engineer/s

the Plan Set is ready to be Submitted to the Building Department.    

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We provide a Submittal Service for our Clients for a Fee.  However

Owners their Agents or Contractor may Submitt the Plans as well. 

Whoever performs the Submittal should have a thorough knowledge

of the Site   Project   and all of the Documents being Submitted.

There are Plan Check and Other Fees usually due upon Submittal.

 Electronic Submittals are now Available or Required in some areas and involve a different process which is best discussed beforehand. 

Steel House Walkout Basement Garage Rear Deck Custom Windows Doors Corrugated Roof Fire Sprinklers


Plans are Rarely Approved for Permits on the First Submittal

The Plan Checker  will usually call for Corrections. Some Building Departments provide  Pre-Submittal  Plan Review  Meetings  to minimize  Errors and Omissions in order to save time and expense. 

However we  Cannot Guarantee Corrections will be avoided.

Therefore  we  Prioritize Corrections and Re-submit Plans as quickly as possible to Limit Project Delays.



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